My business has a website already.. Now make it work harder for you!

Many businesses already have a website. That's fine.

These businesses or individuals just want to have some sort of shop front presence online. Then when a potential customer searches for them directly, they'll show up in search results so looking more legitimate and worthy of doing business with.
(If the customer can easily find their contact details and get in touch, then so much the better).

The end!

Yep, most businesses, simply leave it there. They have little understanding of what a website can and should be doing for you online.

A website should be the most powerful (and cheapest) marketing tool in your armoury.

Print and media advertising can be expensive for small businesses, and hard to measure results.
Similarly, if you just do nothing to your website, then it quickly becomes stale and outdated in both the public AND Google's eyes. This will drive potential traffic away from your site and could result in you falling down in search rankings, making it harder for people to connect with your business.

So how else can you get your product and services out there without sinking thousands into a local radio campaign or similar attempt?

You need fresh digital marketing website content.

This is the space where your website should be working hardest for you.

  • It's a low cost 'shop-front' and brochure that tells the world what your business is all about.
  • It should rank well on google for keywords that your customers are looking for.
  • It should become a steady generator of leads for potential customers.
  • It should become a 'hub' of information for potential customers and visitors to find out what is going on in your world.
  • It should be a place where users can find special offers and/or events.
  • Users should feel part of the family, and be more likely to interact with your brand or purchase one of your products.

In order for your business website to achieve this, there are some simple steps you can take. But the most important first step is simply to 'show it some love!'

A website redesign can breathe new life into your business

There is a saying in the digital industry: 'A website is never FINISHED!'
This statement holds true. A website is your most easily accessible way to communicate with your audience and potential customers.
This means that once the site is finished and updated, you should keep it fresh with new content. This then gives potential customers something to read about and generates interest in your services. It also has the same effect for search engines. It gives them something to get their teeth into, which results in better rankings and multiple access points into your content.

So how do I keep my website fresh?

First things first..

If it's looking flaky, not optimised for mobile, hard to find on google, and not easily updateable by you.

Then get your website redesign sorted, and maybe rebuilt.

Once your website is running smoothly and looks the part, then here are some ideas that will help you connect better with your audience and potential customers:

  • Blog posts, write about interesting topics that your users will be searching for and find helpful and informative, a great way to build trust.
  • Share, share, share the above 🙂
  • Create offers and deals that will entice your customers.
  • Share, share, share the above 🙂
  • Create a calendar of events for customers to find out more, and enjoy sampling what your business has to offer.
  • Share, share, share the above 🙂

All of the above content will have the added benefit of improving your SEO footprint, and help you rank better with search engines by building your authority online.

It's a cycle, the more content you produce, the better for SEO

So how do I go about getting a website redesign?

In the short term, this is where we can help. When you sign up for one of our website rebuild packages, we can then get the website redesign ball rolling. Then as part of our website maintenance and support packages we provide help and guidance in finding suitable content that would be worth writing about and then sharing with your audience.
We also provide tools, help and support to ensure you are sharing this new content correctly across multiple social media channels.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you make the most of your online presence or small business website, then check out our services or price plans, I'm sure you'll find a package or service suitable for you and your budget.

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