Amazing logo generator for your business

Are you scratching your head, or at a loss with deciding on a brand image for your new business?

Are you struggling with visualising your website or business logo?

Well, there's no need to panic.

I found this fantastic tool for helping you get a logo idea off the ground:

Its an online website or business logo generator, to help inspire you with your brand identity. This could save you hours when getting you small business or side gig off the ground.

How does it work?

You just type your desired name into the field, and then scroll through the ideas until you find one you like. It's that simple!
The app displays your chosen words in different typographic treatments on different colours so you can easily and quickly preview dozens of logo possibilities for your brand.

The clever part!
Once you click on your desired option, it launches a popup window showing you how your website or business logo would look on a website and on social media. Amazing!
It even has generated a background for your social media profile splash screen. If you are happy with it then you can then click through to edit the colors a bit more.

logo idea

Once you're happy with the final logo and brand identity look, you can click download, and hey presto you'll have your new brand ready to go.
This is where the creators of the app are reimbursed for all their hard work.. To download it the package costs £9.. A small price to pay for a new brand including assets you can use in your projects.

For me though the beauty of this app is logo inspiration and for coming up with new logo ideas.

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