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Take these simple steps to perform a website audit & see if your website is up to scratch.

The web has changed. Modern websites have a lot of work to do to make sure they stand out from the crowd. They need to be fast and performant. They also need to be responsive and look great on all devices and screens.

Take this simple website audit to see if your company or personal website is up to scratch:

  1. Run it through Google's Page Speed Testing tool.

    • If it scores above 70 for either desktop or mobile, then pat yourself on the back! Good Job!
    • If not, then you could be leaving valuable customers behind. The average time people will wait for a page to download on desktop is 3 seconds, on mobile its 5 seconds.
  2. Check it out on your mobile phone. Do you just see a mini version of your page? Or do you see a site that looks different and is properly optimised to look good on your phone.

    (You can also resize your browser window to a small size to see this.)

    • Over 50% of web traffic is now mobile.
    • People viewing your site on a phone want a nice easy to use experience.
    • If they have to pinch and zoom to find what they need, they will quickly tire and go elsewhere.
  3. Can a user easily find what you want them to find on your website?

    • A user should be able to find the one thing you would like them to know within a few seconds on your site.
    • This may be a phone number, a particular product, or an email address.
    • If this information is buried in the text or copy of the site, or they have to make too many clicks to find it, then your site is not helping you get your product or message across.
  4. Can you easily change content without prohibitive charges or tech hurdles to overcome?

    • Modern websites should have content that is editable by clicking on the element you want to change, and then just changing it.
    • If you're having to jump through unnecessary hoops just to change content, when say your phone number changes.. Then its time to think about updating your website.

Running a small business website these days should be easy. The points I've raised above are just a few things that will help your audience engage better with your business or personal site. If your site isn't ticking any of the boxes above, then please feel free to sign up below for your free consultation chat. Hopefully I can point you in the right direction to make the changes you need for your online presence to really fly. 🙂

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