If its good enough for The White House! – Why WordPress is probably the best answer for your small business website.

I read this article the other day and was struck by just how far and wide WordPress has now permeated the web. Recent statistics currently put the number of websites powered by the blogging platform turned 'Do It All' CMS (Content management system) at around 30% of the internet!

The article doesn't actually mention WordPress. That's not a problem for a super-powered web designer! A quick check on the website with Google Chrome's trusty Developer Tools shows that there resides a 'wp-content' folder at the root of the website. A sure-fire marker that the site is alive and kicking and running on the WordPress platform.

You can see it in all its glory here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/

White House website redesigned to save taxpayers '$3 million per year'

This cost-saving claim struck me as the most stand out part of the article, as it directly influences my clients and small business owners like you and me. Its clear validation that WordPress CMS is easy to use, and becoming the 'industry standard' way of managing a modern website. Like the title says, 'If its good enough for The White House' then... you get my drift 😉

Is WordPress a secure CMS? The White House thinks so!

In the past WordPress has sometimes gotten a bad rap for not being secure enough. As an open source piece of software with millions of users and developers working on it, this has been a problem in the past. However, recent advances in the platform, and in users approach to using it have mitigated this issue. In short, you need to ensure that your site is hosted on secure and robust servers, with a trusted web designer / WordPress consultant monitoring the site. Their job is ensuring it stays up-to-date, and that there are backups available should anything nasty happen.
Once again, this is validation for us folks already using the platform. If The White House administration has decided that WordPress is secure enough for their needs, then you can't get a better seal of approval than that!

With all this in mind, Why not let us help you get your website working harder for you?
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