Don’t waste time worrying – Make the leap!

Procrastination about getting yourself, business or side-gig online is the biggest problem you may face in your digital journey.

The internet is such a big scary place, there is constant noise coming from all channels. If you spend your days working full time with the web, like I do, then sometimes the noise can become deafening. There's SO much content that sometimes just knowing 'where to start' or 'what to start' can become a bigger decision that actually doing anything.

There is also a fear of 'doing the wrong thing', or doing something that may later be frowned upon by your internet peers. Or maybe making an online move that may harm your website ranking or similar.

This can result in a big problem. Procrastination and time wasting..

Its often easier to spend 20 minutes surfing the web looking at e-commerce sites, or even browsing your Facebook timeline. Facebook should carry a health warning and be renamed the time killer! In fact, Facebook themselves have even released publicly, that it is their number 1 goal to increase the amount of time users interact with it. They make more money that way, simple!

The answer is right in front of you. Make the leap, and act now!

Blueprint for website or digital marketing online success:

  1. Lists! Write lists of all the things you want to achieve online. Just doing this small task will kick everything off.
  2. Sub-lists: Then break down each item into a to-do list. How are you going to achieve this item?
  3. Google is your friend. Never before have we had the entirety of human knowledge readily accessible at your fingertips. Now that sounds corny, but it's true! If you don't know how to approach number 2 above, then searching online will point you in the right direction everytime.
  4. Ask relevant questions. Broad search terms don't work. You need to be specific with your online searching.
    • Take a branded Facebook page for example. A client of mine would like to set up their online Facebook page for their new business:
      Searching 'facebook page' may result in lots of links that don't quite cut the mustard. (And you will waste time filtering through them all to fins what you need).
      Searching 'how do I set up my FB page for my business' will almost definitely result in links to articles that are more focussed and will provide better answers to your question.
  5. Lastly, Act! Once you have found a topic to run with or have found out a way to make something happen, don't hesitate, just go for it!

Making that first step is the biggest hurdle in accomplishing your online and business goals.

There's still a long way to go, and many bases to cover in order to creating a successful online arm to your business. But the key is the mindset..

I've often seen clients who are nervous of 'pulling the trigger' and would like to see everything completed and all 'your ducks in a row' before publishing a new website or launching a digital marketing campaign. This directly leads to procrastination which often leads to delays, or worse, content never seeing the light of day.

Imagine all those leads you might have missed while thinking about your website or digital marketing project.

A website is never finished! Use it like an online scrapbook. With WordPress, if you have an idea, just log in and record it as a post. You don't need to publish straight away. Just save it as a draft and come back to it later.

This has the added benefit of queueing up content for you to blog about in the future.

Once you've made the leap, you'll enter a workflow of blog posts, email list building and content production to help promote you or your business.

All the above should consistently be iterated over time, from attracting more visitors, getting more contacts into your email list, and having more products to sell. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Creating a business is hard, but consistency improves the chance of success.

Remember, the most difficult time is at the start. Once you are up and running, you have a working platform to extend.

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