Does my business or online presence need a blog?

The answer is: Absolutely Yes!

Here’s why your business needs a blog:

  1. It enables you to have a conversation with your potential customers or clients.
  2. A blog positions you as an expert in your chosen field.
  3. It gives you content to share and talk about with social media.
  4. Your blog content gives you a platform for announcing special offers etc.
  5. Writing about your topic enables you to have a better understanding of your offering.
  6. Its actually fun to see how posts are performing and spreading.

All of this is great, but none of it matters and your blog potentially won’t get read, unless you do the following:


Post regularly, post interesting stuff, and tell people about it…


Post interesting stuff:

Its easy to come up with interesting posts for your area of expertise. You just need to put yourself in the shoes of somebody who is about to buy or use your product or service, and think about what kind of questions they would be asking.

A couple of examples:

  • If your business sells wine, then a blog post letting people know about the fabulous new vintage you have just received would be hugely useful to your subscribers.
  • If your business makes marketing videos for other businesses, then posting about how to find the right location or find the best camera operators will help potential clients know you have the expert knowledge required to fulfil their needs..


Post regularly:

Posting regularly is all well and good, but don’t just post anything. You need to have spent some time crafting a useful blog post. This post should contain info that will help and delight your potential readers. A fluffy post could have the opposite effect, and discourage users from coming back to check up on your blog. Also leaving it too long between posts has all the warning signs of a business that may be in difficulty, or just going through the motions of blogging for the sake of it.

Posting once a week or bi-weekly is a good rule of thumb for releasing meaningful content and therefore not running the risk of spamming your readership.


Tell people about it:

Social media all the way here! Set up Facebook pages for your online presence, and then release blog posts from there. Also release the same post as a tweet on twitter to achieve a wider audience.

There are fantastic social media management platforms available. These will collate all your social media profiles into one ‘box’ and enable you to schedule posts or tweets across them all. This is a super time saving tip.

Apps like hootsuite and buffer have got you covered with social media management.


So, to answer the question: does my business need a blog?

I would say definitely go for it blog writing for your business or online presence. Its the piece of the puzzle that can set you apart from the competition. And can position you as an expert in your chosen field, who is prepared to go the extra mile in having a conversation with your users or potential customers.

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